Posted on Feb 23, 2015 |

Louisville Men’s Soccer Stadium

U of L Men’s Soccer Stadium

The Louisville Men’s Soccer Stadium is one the most profound soccer stadiums in the NCAA. This facility can hold over 5,300 patrons at any time in the grand stands, with another 2,300 along the grass ridge. This makes it the third largest spectator facility behind Papa John’s Stadium and the YUM Center.

The facility cost around $18.5 million and opened on Aug. 29th, 2014. It is complimented by private locker rooms, 15,500 sq. ft. private training room and a 8,300 sq. ft. classroom for video and scouting purposes.

Intex Systems Inc. was contracted to apply the metal looking panels to the outside walls of the state-of the-art soccer stadium. We built around 16 different ticket windows and applied over 250 different 32 sq. ft. panels.

Looking down the side of the stadium you can see the precision that was applied while installing these panels. Intex Systems Inc. is proud to be apart of such a beautiful structure right on campus of the Louisville Cardinals.