Intex Systems Incorporated

Intex Systems Incorporated is Kentucky’s leading commercial drywall, metal framing, and acoustical ceiling contractor. We pride our selves in developing some of the areas largest and most technically designed buildings on the market.

Intex Systems Incorporated specializes in the following fields:

  1. Commercial Drywall
  2. Metal Framing
  3. Acoustical Ceiling
  4. Exterior Finish Systems
  5. Multiple Wall Finishes
  6. Ceiling Grid and Tile
  7. Commercial Carpentry

With our tools, equipment, staff, and experience – Intex Systems Inc. will complete any project that our customers may have. We have done hundreds of projects throughout Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. Some of our most recent projects include the Grand Terrace at Churchill Downs and the Louisville Men’s Soccer Field.



Intex Systems Incorporated
1001 West Kentucky Street Suite A
Louisville, KY 40210

Phone: 502-581-1505    Fax: 502-589-5727